Enlarge the Font Size on Visual Studio


I was using Visual Studio 2013/2015 on small screen. The main issue that I was facing is the small font size for solution explorer and menu items. That was the main issue that I’m facing of using small screen. Thankfully there is a way to enlarge the font size for menu items and solution explorer.. to do so, follow these steps:

1. From tools menu, select Options

2. On the left hand size, choose “Fonts and Colors” and on the right hand side section of this, under “Show settings for” choose “Environment Font”


3. On “Font (bold type indicates fixed-width fonts) “ drop down list, change Arial font type or whatever font type you would like to have

4. And under “Size” drop down list choose the proper font size that you feel comfortable with.

5. Hit “OK” on the popup..

Hope that would help having a better development experience.