Unable to create the store directory while using Excel.Package dll

I have a web component that using Excel.Package dll to generate excel sheet. When I deployed my system to a new windows server 2003; I start getting strange error which is “Unable to create the store directory” .. after spending good amount of time doing research and making sure the deployment was completed correctly, I figured out what is the issue.. it is basically the Excel.Package couldn’t create special file while saving data to excel file. To fix this, all what you need to do is 2 steps:

1. make sure you have the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Application Data\IsolatedStorage
2. make sure you have the proper Read/Write permission for your user on above path. It is important to make sure the permission is correct and it is not inherited from the parent directory. Thus you need to copy the permission from parent directory and adjust the permission to make sure the proper user have the needed Read/Write permission.

Doing above 2 steps fixed the issue that I faced and made things working fine.. I want to emphasis on making sure the directory have the correct permission to read/write and its permissions is not inherited from parent directory.