Autocomplete (IntelliSense) While Writing SQL Statements; How Nice is SQL Prompt

As a .Net developer who using Visual Studio from early morning till late evening, I like the way MS designed the IntelliSense feature there. and I was so disappointed because there is no such a feature while you are using SQL Server Management Studio.

In version 2008 of SQL server Management Studio, MS solved the IntelliSense issue there but that was specifically if you are connecting to SQL Server 2008 backend engine.But I still need to use this feature while I am using SQL server 2000 and 2005 SQL server engines.

I found a very good software from Red-Gate called SQL Prompt, this software is doing a very nice job for me and solved all of my issues related to IntelliSense.

I have been using this software for 3 years till the moment I am writing this article, and I am still believe on it and if I start writing SQL statement without using it, I feel my life like a hell.

For me the IntelliSense feature of  SQL Prompt is much better than the one that MS developed on SQL server 2008. and Red-Gate is keeping enhancing it and making it much better everyday.

Code snap it on SQL prompt is amazing and saving my time a lot. You can define a keyword and its related SQL statements, once you type this keyword and then tab out, SQL Prompt will place the related SQL statements for you. For example, if you type “ssf” and tab out, SQL prompt will replace it by “SELECT * FROM “

As a conclusion, I would strongly recommend to you to use it during your daily development day.