Agile Software Development Principles

Some basic principles of Agile Software Process:

1. Satisfy client by continuous delivery of valuable-workable software components/modules.
2. Welcome changes even in late development cycles
3. Deliver Workable software frequently, the shorter Agile sprints the better.
4. Keep client’s business people involved and work closely with them to get the project completed.
5. Make sure to have team of motivated and trusted individuals from both parties; client and development team.
6. Communicate frequently with client and make sure they are part of the process
7. The deliverable are the primary measurement for project progress
8. It is essential to do the simplest thing that works and satisfy client needs. Don’t seek for complicated solutions that overwhelmed the development
9. Make sure your team is self-organized. Having self-organized team will produce high quality software on time/budget/quality.
10. Always always always check how make things better and easy on everybody. This will make your team and your client more effective, which means moving towards the goal faster

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