Go for Wireless Internet Connections

I had a discussion with a friend of mine about why to go with Wireless Internet connections rather than using the standard way for it; meaning over land phone lines. I have been using wireless internet connectivity for like 2 years by and I am super happy with it. the first concern that I have about it; is the stability for the connection over bad weather conditions. that was my only one concern that I have when I switch to the wireless internet connectivity. but after trying it; I found the wireless connections work very good in the bad weather condition (off course depending on your ISP)

After 2 years of using the wireless internet connection, I found it is more efficient than using land phone lines to connect to internet for many reasons. One of the main reason is I can go anywhere in my country and connect to internet easily as long as there is coverage in the area that I’m on it. This made my life much easier and I could do my work in more effective way.

Some companies having some sort of flexibility in their environment; I know couple of them for sure that implementing the flex-work-environment very effectively like integrant.com and O2; for me to be able to utilize this flexibility of work environment, I need to have flexible internet connection which will let me choose wireless internet connection over land-phone-internet to be able to get full benefits from the flexibility that I have in place.

While technologies emerging, the wireless internet speed are become very fast and competing the land-phone-internet’s speed of internet which is making this is the best choice to go with.

One of the good things that late emerge is Wireless Routers with USB Dongle; which will let you to get a USB dongle as an internet modem and connect this dongle into your wireless router to get a wireless network that is connected to internet thus you will not fin yourself in a situation where you need to pay good amount of money just to get a wireless router that is connecting to wireless internet.

at the end; I strongly recommending going with wireless internet connections over land-phone-internet and believe me you will touch the different in the first week. I would recommend also checking this link