TransformXml Task Failed Unexpectedly Error Message While Publishing Web Project in Visual Studio 2010


TransformXml task failed unexpectedly

one of the strange issues that I faced yesterday while trying to publish one of the web projects that I am working on. although the project compilation was working fine and when I run the project locally on my PC it was working fine without any issue.

After investigating for this issue I found the cause of this issue because the Web.config file was containing a special character inside it. so what I did is encode the special character then try to publish it again and things worked for me fine.

I had a very large Web.config file so looking for the special characters was not an easy job. I wrote a regular expression on Visual Studio that helped me on accomplished this job. so I would recommend to use regular expression to search Web.config instead of looking for the special characters inside the web.config file.

Parallelism in .Net 4.0

One of the major enhancements that Microsoft has accomplished is enhancing the parallelism in many .Net class library. that is making things much faster and using the hardware in more effective way. in .Net 3.5 and earlier versions of .Net framework, wee have to using Threads to accomplish the same job. Actually .Net 4.0 is using Threads but that is internally at the .Net class library and it will be hidden from your code which is making your life much easier.

The new Parallelism feature of ..Net framework categorized into one of the folllowings:

1) Task Parallel:

including parallel implementaion for FOREACH and FOR loops letting you define the concurrent, Async tasks without working directlying into threads thing,

2) Parallel LINQ (PLINQ):

Significantly improves the performance of LINQ.

3) Data Structure for Parallel Programming:

including a high performance collection of classes with lock-free and at the same time it is thread safe including lightweight objects.

4) Tools to facilitate the Parallel Programming:

like debugger windows for tasks and parallel stacks.