What is MS CRM Plugins?

MS CRM plugin is a new concept introduced on MS CRM 4.0; What is CRM plugins and Why/When to use it is; this is explained on an article posted by Yasser Jaber at blog.integrantinc.com. Click here to read this article on Integrant’s blog

Maximize MS CRM 4.0 pop-up Windows

Recently a customer asked me how to open the PhoneCall window(any window) form in a larger window.  It’s a simple matter of a little bit of JavaScript. Navigate to the main Account form as follows: Go to Settings Choose Customization Choose Customize Entities Open PhoneCall Entity ( or any entity you want) Go to Forms Read More …

Audit MS CRM 4.0 Record Changes

It is common requirements to audit changes on certain entities on MS CRM 4.0. Unfortunately there is not built-in functionality to do so shipped out of the box. The best solution to solve this issue is to build a plug-in to take care of auditing changes. One of the challenges I faced is: How to Read More …