Be Simple winner

"Be Simple winner" this is a phrase I heard from a friend of mine long a time ago. He was advising me in regards to couple of things. After thinking of it I believed it is totally a true statement. our discussion was about software development industry specifically but I believe this statement can be reflected to other industries as well, being a simple winner does not means to deliver a bad quality software that does not meet your client requirements. being simple winner means to develop a software that meets client requirements and not exceed the requirements to extra requirements that your client is not in need for it. You should not deliver something that is extra for your client and they might not get benefited from . This does not means to ignore the basic software requirements that your client did not ask for explicitly like security and performance requirements. actually ignoring such a basic requirements might make your product not useable at all and your efforts will ends up with a big failure because of ignoring these basic requirements.

Being simple winner is targeting to deliver software that will make your client happy and at the same time meets the project success factors like being within budget, deadline, high quality… etc deliverables.

Personally I believe being simple winner can be applied in all aspects on your life not only at work level.