Tips to Secure IPad

Recently I got a new IPad. it is a wonderful thing to have such a device with that small size that has that functionalities. but storing your information on it might be risky thing if you did not secure your IPad. this devise is much easier to be stolen comparing with other devises. so you have to secure your devise to mitigate the side effect of loosing it. I have couple of tips that will make your devise more secure.

1. Use locking functionality on your IPad.

This is a basic security thing and will prevent anybody from getting into your devise and start looking into your data. you can do that from Settings—> general –> passcode lock.

2. User MobileMe service from apple.

This is a very nice feature. using MobileMe feature will enable you to find your device once you loose it. if you could not get it back, then you can wipe it remotely thus the devise will not contains any information related to you.

3. Backup

Always create backups of data you have on your devise. and make it a task that you are doing every once and awhile. you will not feel of the benefits of backups except you loose your IPad. at that time you will feel that you did a very good job once you backup your data.

4. do not connect to open WLAN networks.

Actually this is a general security tip and not related to IPad. it will be applied to all WiFi enabled devises. usually WLAN networks that are not password protected are open for hackers to get into it and start hacking devises connected to that WLAN.

5. Viruses

Currently there is much of viruses targeting IOS. but security experts are expecting an increase of viruses targeting IOS operating system. so you should aware of that and do not open any attachment that sent from a not trusted party.


those are a simple security tips to keep your IPad devise secure. I hope you will find them useful