Why to Setup Goals for your Employees

Setup goals for employees is critical for your business success and it will help you to get to the point where you vision your business at. You as a business owner should have vision of where you want to have your company at after specific period of time.. This vision should be translated to goals for different departments on the organization structure which in turn should be translated to be goals for each individual employees in the company.

As a company you have various set of goals that you need to achieve and you will not be able to achieve these goals without aligning your staff with you on these goals. One of the most effective way is to define set of goals for your staff. These goals needs to be aligned with the company overall goals and strategy. Which means more chances to achieve the company long and short term goals. From employee perspective, setting goals will motivate them, enhance employee’s knowledge as well as it will be easy for the company to measure individual achievements.

Effective employee’s goals should be very clear and understandable. The goal has to be measurable and attainable. If you setup the goals in the right way, then it will be win-win situation where employee and the company will be the winners at the end.

On the GigaGoals.com road map, we setup the needed features to support Manager-Employee relationship on Goals setup and assessments. We believe this will help Employers and Employee to setup Employee’s Goals in effective way.. stay tuned, we will release this feature very soon.