Maximize MS CRM 4.0 pop-up Windows

Recently a customer asked me how to open the PhoneCall window(any window) form in a larger window.  It’s a simple matter of a little bit of JavaScript.

  • Navigate to the main Account form as follows:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Choose Customization
    3. Choose Customize Entities
    4. Open PhoneCall Entity ( or any entity you want)
    5. Go to Forms and Views
    6. Open Form window
    7. Open the Form Properties window
    8. On the Events tab make sure that OnLoad is highlighted, then click Edit.  Paste the following Javascript code and make sure that the box for Event is enabled is checked.

//resize window to full screen upon opening Account form
window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);

  • (Below is the screenshot of what this should look like.)
  • Save and close the form, then Publish the entity.

Script Window

How to Hide/Show fields on Advanced Find’s Search Criteria

One of my client requested to hide/Show some fields on MS CRM 4.0 (Microsoft CRM 4.0) Advanced Find search criteria. When this requirement came to me, I thought it is very hard to be implemented. In fact, this is a configuration issue and it is very easy to be implemented. all what you have to do is the followings:

  1. Go to customization area

  2. Open the entity that have those fields

  3. Go to Attributes on the left hand side

  4. Open the attribute (Field) you want to Hide/Show on the search criteria when you use Advance Find
    There is a field Called Searchable ; if you make it True, then you will be able to see this field on advance Find Search criteria, if you make it False, then you will not be able to see it.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. Publish customization

Audit MS CRM 4.0 Record Changes

It is common requirements to audit changes on certain entities on MS CRM 4.0. Unfortunately there is not built-in functionality to do so shipped out of the box. The best solution to solve this issue is to build a plug-in to take care of auditing changes. One of the challenges I faced is: How to implement this plug-in in generic away? So when my client ask me to audit a new entity, I will be ready for that with no Development effort.
The best solution I found to solve the issue is to build a generic entity to hold on your audited information. This entity should be generic enough to hold any kind of info you need…
I found a good plugin on internet and I used it.. It is pretty good to audit the chanag4es on CRM data. Please refer to the below link: