Don’t Delete Negative Reviews/Comments

I had discussion with a friend of mine couple of days about negative reviews that somebody might have on their site. He was after convincing me to simply DELETE negative comments or reviews. His idea is simply hide that negative thing from being displaying on your website and protect yourself from it.

My opinion was totally against that. I believe I should keep negative comments just like keeping positive comments. There are many reasons that letting you doing that. Simply it is part of honest relationship between you and your readers/customers. It is a great chance to have conversation with your reader/customer and to get his feedback and if he/she has the correct opinion, then you need to fix that immediately.

What trigger me to write this article not only the conversation I have with my friend. The trigger is mainly an article I just read about the same subject. The author of this article is Lisa Barone s Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media, Inc. I strongly recommend to read this article.