Turn Off Outlook People Pane feature

I’m a user of outlook 2010; and I got annoyed of having the People Pane at the very bottom of each email I open. I don’t use this feature; actually I hate it as it is slowing down my outlook. So I decided to disable it, I found 2 ways to do it and I thought of sharing this with you:

First Method:

  1. On the outlook main window, click on View Tab at the ribbon
  2. Click on People Pane button
  3. From the mini menu that appear; you can select Off option to turn this feature OFF.

Second Method:

  1. On outlook main window, click File tab then select Options; you will get the options dialog box opened
  2. Select Add-Ins from the left hand side menu.
  3. Click GO button.. it is at the very bottom of the screen.. you will get a new dialog box opened
  4. Uncheck the checkbox near to “Microsoft Outlook Social Connector”, then click OK.