Restarting Computer Remotely using cmd

I came across and issue where I can’t RDP to my PC which is located on another country and I need to get connected to it. Unfortunately, while there is no one physically can restarting the PC. So I had no option but restarting the PC remotely.. Thankfully, there was an easy way where I can restarting the PC using command prompt. Below are the steps that I follow to restart the PC

1. Run the Command Prompt with admin mode. to do so, right click cmd short cut and choose “run as Administrator”

2. type the following command:

net use \PCIPAddressIPC$

lets assume the IP Address is then the command will be

net user \$

you will get this response

The password or user name is invalid for \$.
Enter the user name for '':

3. Enter username along with domain name like below

Enter the user name for '':   DomainName\UserName

4. you will get prompted to enter the Password as below

Enter the password for :

if the username and password is correctly provided, then you will get the below message confirming things are good:

The command completed successfully.

5. Now we are ready to send the restarting command to the target PC as bellow

shutdown /r /m \ /c "Comments"