Microsoft Platforms Dominate – Proven by Survey with Enterprise Companies

Back to the days I was at school up to the current moment I am writing it, I had so many discussions with many friends of mine regarding to current technologies we are using to build our software solutions. .Net/Java/SQL Server /Oracle/MySql…. Etc. unfortunately, most of my friends are not a fan of Microsoft technologies and did not like the idea of using Microsoft products as a solution for their customers. I was disappointed of that; I tried many times to change that idea with no luck. The discussions were becoming more aggressive once we start talking about solutions for enterprise organizations where we should have ZERO downtime.

Couple of days ago I wrote an article about this subject and posted it to Integrant’s blog site. The article was mainly about a survey taken place by an organization called IDC contracted from Microsoft side. It is worth to emphasis here that Microsoft have no influences on the responses/results came out from survey’s audiences.
To read what I wrote click here to open the article.