How to Accomplish your Goals

Everyone has his own dreams that he/she always like to achieve and accomplish. Regardless of how big your dream is and how it is important to you to get it accomplished, we all procrastinating accomplishing our dreams. Without planning how to accomplish your dreams and break it down into small tasks it will never become real.

My personal advise to you is to write down your dreams down.. Convert those dreams into Goals (a goal should have some set of characteristics) and break down these goals into tasks and start taking actions immediately. Don’t ever never procrastinating accomplishing your dreams. Below are some advices of how to set your goals and go in the way to achieve them.

The set of goals that you will define needs to have the following characteristics:

1. S – Specific .
2. M – Measurable.
3. A – Action-Oriented.
4. R – Rewarding.
5. T – Track-able.

This is called SMART goals characteristics …. Whenever you are writing your goals, you have to think about the SMART goals.

Goals might be like “I would like to lose 10 KG of my weight in 3 months”. It is specific, you can measure it, and you can track it (3 months); also you can break it into action and your will be rewarded at the end.

When you define your set of goals, start asking yourself, what I can do to get this goal accomplished. This will define a set of actions to get his goal done. The most important rule is to make sure your goal has a deadline.. Don’t have it open not ended time line.

It is a good practice to brainstorm different ways to accomplish your goal. Don’t stick with a single way to do it, and try to think about different ways to do it. This will give you different options in case you get into a blocked road.

Always imagine yourself accomplishing the goal, and visualize how things will be after accomplishing this goal. If your goal to get a home, just start visualizing how is that home will looks like and where you want to have it.

My last advise is to is to always read inspiration stories and quotes; this will help to keep up your spirits which will help you to make progressing in your goals.

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