Date different in SQL server Vs Oracle


While setting back in my chair today and thinking of the power that MS tools giving to us , I decided to do a very small compare of things I can do in SQL server and how can I do the same thing in Oracle.

I decided to do a very primitive operation on both DBs… something is very silly. Just to get the differences between 2 dates in Weeks. This is very easy thing

In SQL Server I could do that in single line of SQL Statement

SELECT DATEDIFF (ww, ’03/20/1983′, ’11/03/2010′) DiffInWeeks_SQLServer

While I could do the same operation in Oracle by a long equation comparing with the one I have for SQL Serer:

SELECT   (to_date(’03/20/1983′,’mm/dd/yyyy’)  – to_date(’11/03/2010′,’mm/dd/yyyy’) 

             )  / 7.0) DiffInWeeks_Oracle



I still like working on Microsoft platforms.